If you've ever had a slice of Joe Beddia's pie at Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown, then congratulations: You've tasted the best pizza in America.

At least that's what Bon Appétit magazine is saying, anyway.

Scribe Andrew Knowlton penned the piece after having spent a day with Beddia to learn the tricks of the pizza trade over on East Girard Avenue. And the conclusion, as the article shows, is that Beddia is not only a good guy, but a "pizza saint" among mere mortals.

"There's something admirably retro about making a dish — a great dish — the same way every time," Knowlton says in his write-up. "Beddia does just that. His pizza is mind-blowing, sure, but it's the execution and the reputation that really hook me. Every time I get to eat it, I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet."

Knowlton also goes on to describe Pizzeria Beddia's pies as "what I always imagined New York Pizza should taste like." Likewise, owner Joe is "the Pizza Jesus" or "the Jiro of Pizza."

Beddie's response to all that praise, though? "It's just f---ing pizza."

And with that statement coming from a guy who hand-makes each pie himself, perhaps nothing more true about pizza has ever been uttered. After all, with a perspective on pies like that, Beddia is free to do anything in the pizza world without worry of pretense — an aspect that is not only beloved here in Philly, but apparently all of America.

So, really, if anyone in the pizza game has earned the Pizza Saint moniker, it's Joe Beddia. Check out the full story on Bon Appétit here.

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