Scrapple lovers, rejoice — you'll soon have the perfect, meaty beer to pair with breakfast, courtesy of Dogfish Head.

Sam Calagione and company will release their Beer for Breakfast — a brew made with scrapple — in 12-ounce bottles for the first time ever on Nov. 7. Aside from retail shelves, the beer will also be available on tap at area watering holes.

A winter seasonal stout, the brew weighs in at 7.4 percent ABV, and tastes of smoked bacon, maple, and roasted coffee, according to the Dogfish Head site. On the nose, the brew puts off notes of coffee and roasted chicory.

Pretty fancy for a beer that takes its name from a Replacements tune.

Beer for Breakfast was first brewed and served at Dogfish's Rehoboth brewpub in 2014. Aside from scrapple, the beer contains a host of breakfast-y items including cold press coffee, maple syrup, flaked oats, and molasses.

The scrapple itself comes from Delaware's Rapa Scrapple, which is located just a few miles from Dogfish's brewery in Milton. The initial 2014 recipe called for 25 pounds of the stuff.

Despite its meaty makeup, Beer for Breakfast is not Dogfish Head's first breakfast beer. That honor goes to Chicory Stout, a now-draft-only brew that founder Calagione developed in 1995.

Dogfish Head, incidentally, is also not the only brewery out there pumping breakfast meat into their beers. New Jersey's Flying Fish released its Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter in 750-ml bottles in September for its 20th anniversary.