A cheesesteak from Camden and a roast pork sandwich out of South Philly are a couple of the best sandwiches in America, according to the New York Post.

The NY Post this week released their list of the 15 best sandwiches in America, and Donkey's Place in Camden made the cut, along with John's Roast Pork in South Philadelphia.

The Post lauded Donkey's Place for their cheesesteak, a mutant version of the Philly classic that is served on a poppyseed kaiser roll with fried onions and American cheese. Philadelphians may remember the sandwich as the cheesesteak that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain said "might well" be the best steak in the Philadelphia area in 2015. Former Donkey's Place owner Robert Lucas passed away several months after that episode of Bourdain's Parts Unknown aired.

"Hang your head in shame, Philadelphia," reads the NY Post description of Donkey's steak, which came in at number seven overall. "The best cheesesteak in the country is whipped up across the Delaware in Camden, New Jersey."

John's Roast Pork took 10th place for their roast pork sandwich, which the Post describes as "meltingly tender slices of meat, sharp provolone cheese and garlicky wilted spinach." The South Philly sandwich shop has been serving up roast porks, roast beefs, and cheesesteaks since the 1930s, and is currently operated by John Bucci Jr., a third generation proprietor for the shop.

First place on the list went to the pastrami sandwich at Katz's Delicatessen in New York. Rounding out the list were the grilled pork banh mi at Lu's Sandwiches in Minneapolis, the hot capitol sandwich from Giordano Bros. in San Francisco, and the French dip from Phillippe's in Los Angeles, among others.