There are few foods more Pennsylvania than scrapple, the leftover fried mush of leftover pork parts with which we're all familiar. And while the congealed mix needs chewing for maximum enjoyment, soon all that will be a thing of the past thanks to Dogfish Head.

Enter scrapple beer.

Playing off the breakfast-beer idea for their Beer for Breakfast event on Dec. 5, the brewers at Dogfish Head will bring together maple syrup, coffee, applewood smoked barley, and 25 pounds of Delaware's finest Rapa Scrapple for a (hopefully) one-time brew. Founder Sam Calagione describes the beer as an "everything-but-the-breakfast-nook stout."

"I thought it would be a great time to flex our creative muscles and try to brew a beer that has the most diverse group of ingredients referencing the meal and its name," Calagione said in a statement.

Naturally, the coming scrapple brew isn't Dogfish's first breakfast beer. That honor, of course, goes to Chicory Stout, the coffee-infused brew with which they helped launched the company in 1994. In that sense, scrapple lovers are in good hands here.

If you're interested, mark your calendar for Beer for Breakfast at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach on Dec. 5. If you can't go, you're out of luck on tasting a scrapple brew — unless, you know, you make your own, which may not be a good idea. There's a reason this is a brewpub exclusive, after allo.

A bonus: Proceeds from the Beer for Breakfast event will go to benefit Songs for Slim, a nonprofit that raises money for Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, who suffered a massive stroke in 2012. The legendary punk group helped inspire Caligione for the event with their track, "Beer for Breakfast."