It's been a long time coming (since 2012, actually), but Han Dynasty head honcho Han Chiang's episode of Chef's Night Out on Vice finally premiered this week. And between the barbacoa at Isaiah Zagar's studio and the beers with Jason Kelce at Prime Stache, it is well worth the wait.

The episode starts off as the gang gets a few beers in at Han Dynasty's University City location before the crew heads over to Zagar's place for a barbacoa meal from Barbacoa South Philly's Cristina Martinez and Ben Miller. Of particular note: the eyeball and tongue taco that Chiang just can't stop eating.

Next up is Amis, where Chiang and company enjoy a pulled-pork pizza topped with deep-fried dried hot peppers — an ingredient described as being "very Jersey."

The real magic happens, however, at Prime Stache, where Chiang says that he and Prime Stache owner Hee Chang have plans to open up a chicken wing spot. Oh, and Jason Kelce admits that Andy Reid could probably eat more sandwiches than him, which is good to know.

The crew wraps things up back at Han Dynasty's Old City location, where Chiang very drunkenly fries up some chicken wings for his staff and friends. Then, everyone sits down to a delicious hot pot nightcap.