Here in Philadelphia, the drunken tradition that is the Philly Taco is, at best, infamous. Sometime soon, though, it may be known as delicious — and it's all thanks to a couple of out-of-town breweries.

St. Louis' Perennial Artisan Ales has teamed up with Florida's Cigar City Brewing to bring us "Philly Taco," a 7 percent ABV Belgian-style brown ale brewed with Brettanomyces (wild yeast) for a particularly funky flavor.

Though perhaps not as funky as its Jim's-Steaks-meets-Lorenzo's-Pizza namesake.

But while the Philly Taco's homage is coming from breweries outside the Philly area, it was a Philly event that inspired the whole thing: Philly Beer Week.

As it turns out, Perennial co-owner Phil Wymore met Cigar City founder Joey Redner and his team at Philly Beer Week in 2013, and the guys hit it off. So well, in fact, that Perennial and Cigar City decided to do an event together at 2014's Philly Beer Week.

And that, of course, is where the Philly Taco comes in.

"After a few — or 10 — beers, they ventured out to make a Philly taco and enjoyed the hell out of it," says Perennial Ales events manager Rachel Ogborn. "Hence the name for our collaboration beer is an homage to the Philly Taco."

No doubt a fateful, fortunate event: The guys got to try a Philly Taco, and we'll be able to drink Philly Tacos before going to get a Philly Taco. It is a magical time we are living in, people.

Expect to see Philly Taco on store shelves in late May, early June — just in time for this year's Philly Beer Week.