Philadelphia is an increasingly foodie city, and we've got the date night sushi orders to prove it.

A new study from Grubhub and Match detailing America's date night food preferences reveals as much, showing that Americans prefer sushi to woo one another, and Philadelphians prefer a particular kind of sushi to do so.

Orders for Philly rolls — that heavenly mixture of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber — are three times more common here than in any other American City. Vegetarian rolls, meanwhile, are four times as common in Philly compared to anywhere else in the country.

What's more, Philadelphians love those Philly rolls on Valentine's Day in particular, seeing as orders for Philly rolls are more than 92 percent more common on the big day than any other day of the year.

Philly's most popular Valentine's day sushi choice, however, is the spicy tuna roll, with the Philly roll a distant 5th place. The top 10 Valentine's Day sushi choices for Philly are below:

1. Spicy tuna roll
2. Shrimp tempura roll
3. California roll
4. Shrimp roll
5. Philly roll
6. Spicy salmon roll
7. Rainbow roll
8. Alaska roll
9. Spider roll
10. Sweet potato roll