Another canned item is getting recognition at the American Sardine Bar (1800 Federal St.).

On Wednesday, August 27 the gastropub's special menu will cater to Hormel Food's renowned brand, Spam.

This won't be your typical Spam Classic meal. Guests can taste rare and hard-to-find flavors such as Hot and Spicy, Jalapeño, and Bacon. The luncheon meat will also "hit the spot" on the menu in numerous ways.

Dishes for the night include:

  • Spam Pandesal Sliders: seared thick-cut Spam on homemade pandesal, a sweet Filipino breakfast roll, with mango/papaya slaw and mayo.

  • Spam Fried Rice Lumpia: Spam fried rice twisted into spring roll wrappers and deep-fried.

  • Spam Corn Dog: battered and served with beer mustard

  • Spam tacos, mac 'n' cheese and other sides to come.

The event starts at 6 p.m., is pay-as-you-go and will continue until they run out.