Every restaurant, bar and sandwich shop seems to make a burger - whether it's hand-crafted designer beef on a custom-baked brioche or the frozen patties from a discount store on generic white rolls.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a list of 75 burger destinations in our region and put it up for a vote. Some were chains, some were fancy restaurants, and some were burger specialists.

Which was your favorite? Well, more than 3,000 votes were cast and the clear winner was Billy Murphy's Irish Saloon (also known simply as The Saloonery), an old-school bar in East Falls known for friendly staff and inexpensive beers. Billy himself passed a year and a half ago, and his son Mike runs it.

Finishing second was Drake Tavern in Jenkintown, followed by Village Whiskey in Rittenhouse Square, Charlie's Hamburgers in Folsom, Delaware County, and Billy Burger & Bakery in West Chester.

Notice that every one of the Top 5 is an independent restaurant (though Village Whiskey is part of the Jose Garces universe). Apparently locals think highly of their hometown burger shops. Coming in sixth was the chain Five Guys.