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APP ONLY: About the app

By Frank Seravalli
Daily News

Thanks for purchasing our app!

We're really committed to bringing you the most comprehensive Flyers coverage on the internet, and we want to make sure you get your money's worth out of the new app.

We've tried to come up with different, fresh content that you will see every day.

Here are some of the things planned:

  1. Weekly mailbag where I answer reader submitted questions

  2. App-exclusive video that follows a home game

  3. Sound Off that focuses on a league-wide issue

  4. 5 minutes with… one of your favorite Flyers players that delves into off-ice likes/dislikes

  5. Weekly league-wide power rankings

  6. App-exclusive question with answer video after our two-way chat with CineSport's Noah Coslov

We value your opinion. Let us know what your experience is like and how it can be better. Is there something you would like to see that is not included in the app? Tell us!

Thanks again for purchasing.