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APP ONLY: Seravalli's Mailbag 12/27/10

Each week, we will answer questions from Flyers fans about the latest happenings from the team. To submit your question, e-mail

Great article on Ian Laperriere. Question for you:
What is the general medical consensus regarding his future? Most likely to return this year, next year, or retire? I would love for him to get healthy and play on the 4th line with Betts and Powe in the playoffs. In this scenario the only line with a defensive question mark would probably be whatever line Zherdev is on.
-Mike Sanders

It's an interesting question, and I'm not sure anyone really knows the answer - including Ian himself. I know he is dying to play, but he said he wouldn't put himself at risk again unless he knew he was 100-percent healthy. The question is: will he ever be that healthy again? And what kind of long-term effects will it have on his life and his outgoing personality? His kids are not even 10 years old yet. I know that would scare me as a father. He is undoubtedly missed in the locker room and on the ice. If I had to guess, though, I'd say he would retire. But I'd bet that he is going to do everything he can since his contract will count against the Flyers' salary cap either way. That gives him the luxury of waiting until next season to try.


That game last [Monday] night was truly horrible. The thing that scares me the most is the lack of physical play. Teams can and I think will start to beat up the Flyers. Dan Carcillo is the only one who can drop the gloves in last nights line up. The Panthers had quite a few. It was Carcillo vs the Panthers if it got rough. I know Laviolette is a great coach but playing like pansies is no excuse. I had tix and I'm glad I didn't go. Responding physically is an attribute Flyers fans love if the team isn't scoring....not with Laviolette. Game was over. Why stay for the 3rd period? They just rolled over.
- D. Morrison

Mr. Morrison,
Wow, yes, I guess you're glad you did miss that game. Unfortunately, it is a long season. This was the classic trap game - and despite Laviolette's warnings - the Flyers fell for it. You're right, when it was 2-0 or 3-0, I figured one player would step up and try and change the tone. It never happened. Like I said, it is a long season. These type of games will happen - especially when you have an 8-day break coming up, you're in first place and you're playing the 28th place team. The lack of physicality was just one part of a whole game that missing.


Bob doesn't have to be the next Patrick Roy. The Flyers were about to play the backup goalie
for the Phantoms this time last year. Bobrovsky gives us a goaltender that can actually win at the NHL level.  We have to keep 3 goalies because the Phantoms have nobody that is NHL-ready.
-Michael Gardner

You're right, Sergei Bobrovsky doesn't have to be the next Patrick Roy. But I think he can be a little better than he has been over the past 5-6 starts. He certainly hasn't looked like the Calder Trophy candidate we saw in the first 10 games. But it is a long season. I think a lot of his recent change in play has to do with all of the adjustments he has been making with Jeff Reese. Think of goaltending like the dynamics of a golf swing. You aren't going to put it all together overnight. It's a lot to remember in a short period of time. He has been good. Not to mention, he has already made a lot of adjustments to the North American game. To quote Reese, the Flyers are "thrilled to death with him." They will keep working with him. Until then, be thankful that Brian Boucher has done such a great job in net.

Hope all of you had a great holiday. Best wishes in 2011!

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