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Police ready for potential Flyers flash mob

The Flyers, Blackhawks and Philadelphia Police are prepared for the worst.

But they're hoping it doesn't come to that.

FOX 29 reported a notice brewing on Facebook and Twitter today about Flyers fans preparing for a flash mob this afternoon in Center City to attack the Blackhawks' bus as it leaves for the Wachovia Center.

The group allegedly plans to arrive at the Four Seasons, at Logan Square on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, to cause havoc. A group of bikers – though it was not clear whether bicyclists or motorcyclers would take part – are to follow Chicago's bus on its route to South Philadelphia.

The Flyers will not comment on the issue, other than to say that the Blackhawks' bus will have a full police escort to the arena.

Similarly, the Philadelphia Police have acknowledged the threat but will not comment on specific deterrents, as per department policy. They are prepared to take action.

Flash mobs, or groups of people – generally younger high school and college-aged students – convene rapidly on a location and word is spread via social media and text messages. As the New York Times said in a recent story, flash mobs are part bullying and part running of the bulls. They have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage on multiple attacks on South Street.

They are not unique to Philadelphia, having surfaced in Boston, Brooklyn, N.Y., and South Orange, N.J. The FBI has monitored social media networks to try and prevent future attacks.

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