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Baby Jesus still missing

Inquirer reporter Peter Mucha reports:

The case of the missing baby Jesus remains unsolved.

The National Park Service is reviewing video footage in hopes that the theft of the foot-long blond figurine was recorded.

That task is a challenge, because no one's sure when on Saturday or Sunday the Nativity figurine vanished from a creche installed Friday at Independence Mall.

"We're looking at hours and hours of footage," said Jane Cowley, spokeswoman for Independence National Historical Park.

The creche was set up under a permit obtained by a community group called the Christmas Creche Committee, she said.

The various permit-holders who set up patriotic or other displays during the year are contractually obligated to provide their own security, she added.

"Of course, we take any theft on park property seriously," she said

"It is my understanding that the permittees had bolted the figurines down to the creche," she said.

For security reasons, she declined to say how many cameras are on the mall.

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