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The names of the 7 Philadelphia fire victims

Inquirer staff writer Marcia Gelbart reports:

While authorities have not yet released the names of the seven people who perished in last night's tragic house fire in Southwest Philadelphia, here are their identities and relationships according to family members and friends:

1. Vivian Teah, 26 — Daughter of Christiana Teah, a Liberian immigrant who was hosting a holiday party at the house where the fire began, at 6418 Elmwood Ave. Vivian Teah lived in Maryland with her boyfriend, and was here visiting her parents for Christmas. She was expected to leave Philadelphia tomorrow, her boyfriend said.

2. Eliott Teah, 24 — Christiana Teah's son.

3. Jennifer Teah, 17 - Christiana Teah's daughter.

4. Zyhire Wright-Teah, 1 - Christiana Teah's grandson, and the son of Eliott and his girlfriend, Michelle Wright, who was not at the house at the time of the fire.

5. Ramere Dosso, 8 — Son of Michelle Wright and Inza Dosso, an immigrant from the Ivory Coast. The couple are separated. Michelle Wright dropped her son and daughter off at the home for a party.

6. Mariam Dosso, 6 — Daughter of Wright and Dosso.

7. Henry Gbokoloi, 54 - a Liberian immigrant and family friend. He lived in Philadelphia. Friends said he married in 2007 and his wife lives in Monrovia, Liberia, where she has a hairstyling business. Mr. Gbokoloi was self-employed and had a shipping business that sent goods to Liberia. Friends said he would often go to auctions, buy used cars and resell them to Liberians in the Philadelphia area at financial terms they could afford.

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