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Recap: 'Supergirl' ep. 207, 'The Darkest Place'

First let me just say that your regularly scheduled Supergirl recap and review by the Ran of Steel has been put on hiatus while he goes traveling the world laying down some of the hottest verses that could rival Supermans ' heat vision. Until he returns you are stuck with a Tribble of the Super Saiyan variety.

Now that has been cleared let's talk Supergirl! Coming off the heels of last week's episode of major highs and lows, the super crew can be found hanging out at their local alien bar trying to decompress. The crew gets a few beers and wings in their system and start the talking about the new "hero" in town, Guardian (who I'm still personally upset isn't John Diggle. I'll give James a try though). Is he really a hero, or is he a vigilante with a few screws loose? It can be easily said that Kara doesn't trust him but little to her knowledge that the Bro-mantic duo of Wynn and James are the creators of this new hero (more on him later).

When we last saw Mon-El, he was captured by members of Cadmus. When we first see him in this episode he is locked away and caged in the Cadmus lair. While still captured, his humor has not left him as he antagonizes the ever loving sanity out of the guard which creates a good comedic moment for the viewer. Switch scene to J'on J'onzz  who is steadily recovering from a Martian blood transfusion.  J'onn is coming along well physically, however he struggles with hallucinations of his deceased family and the tyrannical White Martians. So much so, that he almost busts a cap in one of his fellow DEO agents. J'onn knows something is wrong with him and asks Alex to run some tests, only to find out that he now has White Martian blood pumping through his veins...and boy is he PISSED!

So briefly back to Guardian. It seems he is not the only "Hero" in town. There is another vigilante out on the streets of National City killing people, and unfortunately for James and Wynn, Guardian takes all the blame. It is this reason that when Supergirl hears that Guardian has been spotted she bolts to his location. That is before she gets a signal call from Lillian Luther (The Head Honcho of Cadmus) about the whereabouts of Mon-El.  Lillian Luther persuades Supergirl (as most conniving villains do) to meet with Cadmus in hopes of retrieving Mon-El. Well, to Supergirls dismay the only thing waiting for her at Cadmus' compound was a super ass-whooping by Cyborg Superman!! Oh and guess who it is too!? It is none other than the original DEO captain, Hank Henshaw! (Supergirl needs to learn to throw hands better, He literally Cyborg backhanded her into unconsciousness. Supergirl needs martial arts lessons).

After being detained by Cadmus, Supergirl is jail cell buddies with Mon-El. Lillian Luther strolls in all high and mighty and proposes a deal with Supergirl. She must solar flare/exhaust her heat vision into a helmet that can absorb her power in order to free Mon-El. Of course she is hesitant but after some lead poisoning influence Kara gives in to Lillian's' demands; and in doing so Cadmus takes some of Kara's blood for a later and darker mission. Things look bleak for our lovable Kyrptonian and Daxamite until they get rescued by Cadmus' own (and past superman in the early years) Jeremiah F***ing Danvers (Dean Cain). A breath of fresh air and rescuing with a little flair, he swoops in and saves the day and gets both of them to safety.

While all of that is going on, J'onn confronts M'gann about being a White Martian, Guardian and Wynn are solving their vigilante problem and Alex and Maggie are on rocky terms to say the least. This episode is jam packed from start to finish and it is extremely hard to write about without starting an essay. So from here I say, if you want to know more I heavily suggest watching this episode. Supergirl has really turned it up several notches since joining the CW gang. Makes you wonder why it wasn't with the CW from the jump. Oh, and one last thing. That darker mission I mentioned earlier on in this article that required Kara's blood? Well, it' project codename is a Greek creature of mythos whose glaring gaze turns you to stone...