These days, the cost of energy is bad enough.

Now, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett is warning consumers to beware of undisclosed fees or surcharges that some businesses may attempt to levy in connection with rising fuel and energy costs.

He said in a recent statement that his office had already heard from "a number of consumers" who reported businesses attempting to impose surcharges to cover higher fuel or energy prices, "even though those fees were never disclosed in advertised prices or contracts."

Corbett said it reflected reports from across the country of similar surcharges on everything from pest control services and floral deliveries to vacation packages and cruises.

"Consumers have been surprised by fees that were not clearly disclosed before purchases were made, or worse, fees that were added after the goods or services had already been purchased," he said in the prepared statement.

Corbett urged consumers to dispute any added charges that were not disclosed in the quoted or advertised price. They may also contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555 or file an online consumer complaint at