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Hatchlings in Delco; waiting for flight in Phila

Well, I was wrong in my prediction that the Franklin Institute red-tailed hawks might take their first flights on Saturday.  Oh well, at least it gives us more time to watch the daily dramas in the nest! And more time for Kay Meng to add to her spectacular photo album.

I went by the Franklin yesterday at about 5 p.m. with my binoculars.  The birds looked tremendous. And FOUR other people were there with binocs, too. A popular spot.

If you're watching the cam, don't forget to check out the log of comments on the Ustream site.

Meanwhile, the tree swallows at the Natural Lands Trust's Hildacy Farm in Media have hatched! I've been watching, and I don't even think their eyes are clear. But those little mouths open for sure when food arrives! See the webcam here.

A reader has sent info about a wonderful site that lists scads of bird cams -- including an albatross cam from New Zealand (look for the action in January, not now). Scroll down about halfway and look to the left for the list of cam links.