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NJ authors honored in Green Book Festival

"Encyclopedia of Pollution" and "Arctic Autumn" are named.

Looking for some green books for your reading list?

The Green Book Festival in San Francisco has named its award winners for 2012, and at least two books by local authors were named.

"Encyclopedia of Pollution" by Rutgers prof Alexander Gates and north Jerey environmental consultant Robert Blauvelt is a runner-up in the general nonfiction category.

And "Arctic Autumn: A Journey to Season's Edge," by New Jerey Audubon's Pete Dunne got an honorable mention.

"Encyclopedia" is a two-volume set "designed to address all aspects of pollution and the global impact on the environment in a single source. Containing more than 300 entries and essays interspersed throughout, it uses the most current scientific data to explain the different types of pollutants including properties, production, uses, environmental release and fate, adverse health response to exposure, and environmental regulations on human exposure. It provides the scientific background on the water, soil, and air of environments where the pollutants are released. Coverage also includes pollution regulation, the function of federal regulatory agencies and environmental advocacy groups, and the technology and methods to reduce pollution and to remediate existing pollution problems," according to the publisher's description.

In additiion, "numerous case studies explore the most infamous of pollution events such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Gulf Storm oil well fires, the Chernobyl disaster, Hurricane Katrina, the World Trade Center disaster, and the Love Canal in New York, among many others including those that had great impact on legislation or that were used in popular media such as the films Erin Brockovich and A Civil Action. Biographies are provided of some of the leaders and pioneers of pollution study and activism. Other useful features include a detailed glossary, indexes, a timeline, and tables."

Dunne's "Arctic Autumn" is part of a series that includes "Prairie Spring" and "Bayshore Summer," which is a series of essays on the Delaware Bayshore. In this latest one, he takes readers to Alaska and far north Canada in search of strange birds, retreating ice, caribou, polar bears and -- what would a Pete Dunne book be without this? -- contemplations on nature and our relationship to it.

Other winners of the festical can be found here.