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They're on the bus

Two area residents, Jeremy Stadlin, 31, of Penn Valley and Rachel Playe, 23, of Philadelphia's Fairmount section, are on a veggie-oil-powered school bus as part of a public awareness initiative, the Jewish Climate Change Campaign.

The bus looks like a regular yellow school bus...except for the upside down bus on top of it -- the idea being to turn people's assumptions upside-down, "to flip how people live their lives," Stadlin says. They call it the "Hazon/Teva Topsy-Turvy School Bus," because it belongs to the Teva Center, an institute of Jewish environmental education.

Not long ago, they were deep in the heart of Texas, where they reported: "If Texas were a country, it would rank #7 amongst all nations in CO2 emissions! We are spending a week here, talking to Texans about their Oil consumption habits and setting up green teams along the way. We look at Texas as a leverage point, a place where a little bit of energy and education can grow a long way. The stars at night used to be big and bright in Texas, but tonight I can hardly see any. Haze and smog veil their luminous mystique.

"We rocked out a school this morning and then went to the Houston Federation where we made some beautiful connections and shifted several paradigms. Seeds of Sustainability have been sown in the Texan soil today. Let us pray for the rain, in its proper time, in its proper amounts."

You can keep tabs on them at any of these links: