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Education groups to merge in fight for education

Two education nonprofits, effective in their own rights, will join forces next year.

Two education nonprofits, effective in their own rights, will join forces next year.

Philadelphia Futures and White-Williams Scholars, local college prep organizations, will become one organization in March.

"The unified organization will stand out among the landscape of other education-related organizations because of its
unique model of working intensely with students over several years, through high school and college," said Philadelphia Futures' president Madeline Sherry in a statement.

Philadelphia Futures and White-Williams Scholars will continue to run programs unique to each organization through the end of the school year, but will combine operations in the spring.

White-Williams Scholars, founded in 1917, a groups that's "pioneered the concept of in-school counseling," helps to prepare low-income, high achieving Philadelphia public high school students for college. Since 1989, Philadelphia Futures has been helping students become the firsts in their families to attend college. Attendees receive mentoring, guidance counseling and other resources throughout their high school tenure.