Glamour, glitter and gold.

Such was the formula for success that head designer Christopher Decarnin used to revitalize chez Balmain, a deadbeat fashion house that was in need of revamping after rapid decline in the 80s and 90s. Decarnin's use of heavy-metal embroidery, crystals, power-shouldered blazers, and super mini-dresses became the uniform of luxe party girls around the world.

Six months ago, an ill Decarnin failed to make it to his own runway show, and rumors circulated regarding his fate with the company. Weeks after his no-show appearance, Decarnin was gone, and his 26 year old assistant was promoted to fill his shoes.

On Thursday, Olivier Rousteing made his debut as head designer of Balmain, and revealed that he was well-equipped to handle the pressures of high fashion. Furthermore, the young designer proved that change and continuation can in fact, exist simultaneously, harmoniously, and for the better.

Rousteing sent his models down the runway in sharp-shouldered blazers, Toreador jackets, embellished accessories, leather pants, and all things that basically characterize Balmain. By enlivening Balmain's rockstar appeal, the handsome young Rousteing not only received praise from various fashion critics for his collection, but more importantly, he proved that his vision and talent combined will pave a bright and profitable future for Balmain.

Breathe easy, bright young things. After all, it's Friday.