You weren't the only ones to put up your Christmas trees this weekend.

In Paris, designers and fashion houses from Gaultier to Dior unveiled their respective renditions of the festive Christmas tree on Monday.

From left, trees designed by Sonia Rykel, Dior, Stella McCartney (Images courtesy of MyDaily UK, AOL)

The trees will be on display at the Hôtel Salmon de Rothschild until Wednesday, December 7, and will  be auctioned off to raise funds for charity organization A.V.E.C. on Tuesday evening.

The fantastic creations, however, diverged from traditional, evergreen Christmas trees.

In fact, the most "traditional" design belonged to Stella McCartney. Her tree, which looked like a one-dimensional cardboard cut-out, was crafted out of fabric and knitted with giant balls of yarn serving as ornaments. It looked as if it had been hand-picked out of a children's book.

Meanwhile, the Louis Vuitton design glowed delightfully from a monogrammed suitcase, which was propped open to give it a surprise, illuminated element. French fashion house Dior released a tree made of metallic ruffles, and Pierre Herme crafted a delightful rotunda of macarons.

Yum. We wonder how much people are willing to shell out for these designer trees.

Any guesses?