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Gearing up, bike race style

Ah, the Bike Race. Yes, it's that time of year again. The annual dayfest of debauchery along the Manayunk Wall and surrounding vicinity will take place this Sunday.

Aside from the typical, "What are your party plans for the day?" inquiry from friends, the second leading question is, "What do I wear?!"

When gearing up for the Bike Race (which I've attended the past two years), the key is to look cute-as-a-button and also to opt for comfort.

Luckily, ladies, wedges are back! So if it isn't too unbearable trudging up/down the hill, I suggest taking full advantage of this summer 2011 trend. Your feet- and perhaps that handsome guy playing pong in the back yard- will thank you.

As for apparel, the forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms with a high of 83 degrees. Don't forget your shades to shield your eyes as you watch the bikers zoom past, as well as a panama hat to protect your locks, in case it sporadically rains. A few additional suggestions: