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Christmas Come Early: Health News Article Wrap-up

Health care news and commentary abounds on the Internet.

Health care news and commentary abounds on the Internet. Here is a sample of some recent blog posts and stories that are particularly intriguing, informative, and enlightening.

  1. Teaching Hospitals Hit Hardest By Medicare Fines For Patient Safety (NPR, Shots: Health News from NPR)

    • Medicare is punishing hundreds of hospitals for high infection rates and other medical errors by cutting reimbursement rates.  Is your hospital on the naughty list?

  1. After years of effort, Vermont gov. reportedly gives up pursuing single-payer health care (Vox)

    • Part of Vermont's response to Obamacare was to attempt to establish a single-payer system.  It looks like even the Green Mountain State couldn't come up with enough green to make it feasible.

  1. New Findings About The ACA's Impact On Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance (Health Affairs Blogs)

    • Has Obamacare killed off employer-sponsored healthcare? This study analysis suggests no.

  1. Weight Gain During Pregnancy Is Especially Good for Boys (The New York Times)

    • Pregnant?  Want to know if you're going to have a baby boy?  The more weight you gain, the more likely it is that you will have one.  It may not be just the fruitcake and sugar cookies.

  1. Can Cuba escape poverty but stay healthy? (Boston Globes)

    • Recently, the United States revived relations with Cuba. Despite its poverty, Cuba's public health system has been thriving.  Can Cuba improve its economy, while maintaining its affordable high quality health system?

  1. Hospital to study whether telemedicine works for kids in the ER (mHealthNews)

    • With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently increasing its telemedicine payments to physicians, many critics have suggested that studies need to be performed to determine the effectiveness of telemedicine.  This short article describes one such study.

  1. '60 Minutes' Shows Insurers Deny Mental Health Treatment Despite ACA Rules (Forbes)

    • Despite Obamacare rules requiring coverage, insurers are continuing to deny payment for several mental health treatments.  What effect is this having on national health?


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