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$15K gift from benefactor helps local woman see again

Last Sunday, after reading the Inquirer story about Donna Witcher and her need for eSight eyewear to correct her low vision problem, John Langan and his wife Judy Nadell of Voorhees, New Jersey decided they would cover the costs of the $15,000 technology.

"It was a blessing for us to help a deserving person like Donna," said Langan. "We're getting more than we gave."

Langan – an educational publisher -- visited with Witcher at her apartment earlier this week. The former deli worker told him, "You and Judy are the best thing since sliced bread was invented."

By Thursday, the check for the full amount was in the mail to eSight and Witcher's glasses were in production. They are expected to be ready and delivered to her within two weeks.

"I'm speechless," said Witcher, "And I can't stop crying tears of joy. I knew that this would work but I didn't think that someone would be kind enough to do all of this for me. Words cannot express my gratitude."