It looks like Sen. Hillary Clinton will formally concede on Saturday, and even her big local backers, like Mayor Nutter and Govs. Rendell and Corzine think that's the right thing to do.

Former mayoral candidate Sam Katz has an interesting idea: a big fancy eight-hour documentary on Philadelphia, tentatively titled "The remaking of America's first city: Philadelphia." He's still seeking funding for the project.

The city and courts have come up with a comprehensive seeming plan on how to help residents in danger of losing their homes to mortgage foreclosures.

It looks like bad management of city revenue - letting $60 million in revenue sit around instead of banking it and collecting interest - cost City Hall $1 million this past fiscal year, according to a new report from City Controller Alan Butkovitz. He says the error was made in Mayor Street's administration.

And on the op-ed side, the Inquirer editorial board praises Nutter's new homeless plan, and DN scribe Dave Davies points out a gaping hole in the city's campaign finance laws.