Did State Rep. Rosita Youngblood shortchange poll workers in the primary? Has she earned the enmity of Democratic machine queen Carol Ann Campbell? And will it come back to haunt Youngblood in 2010?

There seems to be a difference of opinion.

Campbell, secretary of the Democratic City Committee and former City Councilwoman, is still fuming that Youngblood paid election day workers $75 when many had been told the pay was $100.

Her wrath only grew when Youngblood ran a half-page newspaper ad that did not, in Campbell’s opinion, properly thank those who came to aid her struggling campaign. Campbell responded with full-page ad in The Public Record on May 22 thanking all those she said were left out of Youngblood’s message.

“She is the epitome of ingratitude,” said Campbell, who arranged for her brother’s political action committee, Genesis IV, to loan $10,000 cash on election day to Youngblood, who had run out of money.

What Youngblood calls a misunderstanding originated in a meeting with more than 100 campaign workers Monday night before the April 22 primary. Joyce Eubanks, Campbell’s former legal counsel and political ally who had agreed to help Youngblood, told workers that night they would be paid $100, though Youngblood said she had only planned to pay them $75.

“I was there to hear it, but if you have a roomful of people, it would be a riot if you want to contradict what was stated,” Youngblood said. That left some workers disappointed when they came to collect their checks election night. Campbell and Eubanks said Youngblood never would have gotten the money if they knew her plans.

Youngblood said wanted to make sure that everyone got paid, and that she has no rift with Campbell. “I love her dearly, and she’s a great person,” Youngblood said.

Campbell’s not feeling so chummy.

“I just hope she enjoys what we did for her while it lasts,” Campbell said. “Because two years comes around mighty fast.”