Domestic violence victims would be entitled to as many as eight weeks of vacation -- four for small businesses -- under City Councilman Bill Greenlee's bill that was recommended for approval by a Council committee this morning.

The bill is opposed by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, which says small businesses could be devastated by such requirements, and the Nutter administration, which wanted more time to study the economic impact of such a requirement. Deputy Commerce Director Duane Bumb said the mandatory leave could put Philadelphia at a competitive disadvantage with the suburbs if not implemented on a statewide basis.

But Greenlee, who chairs the Council's Law and Government Committee, called that argument a "crutch," and said he didnt' want to "hang by my thumbs waiting for the state to do something." Council members Darrell Clarke and Bill Green co-sponsored the bill.

Council will consider a sunset clause on the bill, enacting it for one year and looking at its effects on business during that time. The bill could come up for final passage as early as June 19.