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Philadelphia Politics
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Carol Campbell's growing legacy

She died two years ago, but the tributes to Carol Campbell - ward leader, city councilwoman, Democratic power broker, and self-declared friend of the "little people" - seem long and ever-growing.

Here's the latest.

Last night, her younger brother, Edgar C. Campbell, was elected to fill her spot as the long-time secretary of Philadelphia's Democratic Party. It was the only change in the party's leadership.

None of the ward leaders who had gathered inside the party's headquarters balked when Party chairman Bob Brady - one of Carol's confidants who also shoveled snow from her sidewalk  - suggested that Edgar assume the position.

And so now Edgar Campbell, who also holds his sister's seat as the 4th Ward Leader, emerges as one of the city's most powerfully-positoned Democrats.

Somewhere, "Miss Campbell" is smiling.

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