Is Verizon available in your neighborhood? The city wants to know.

Philadelphia's Office of Innovation and Technology is asking for help verifying whether Verizon FiOS has completed its build-out across the city.

Verizon signed a contract with the city to make its cable service available citywide within seven years. The deadline passed on February 26.

Earlier this month, City Council held a hearing with Verizon officials, who said they were delayed in providing data to confirm coverage because of their striking workforce.

"We take the conditions of this franchise agreement very seriously," said Chief Innovation Officer Charles Brennan.  "So we are asking for residents to step forward and tell us if they tried to get FIOS but were unable to."

New York City released an audit in June that found Verizon had broken its promise to build its network citywide. City Councilman Bobby Henon has pointed to New York as evidence of the need for data on how Philadelphia's build out is going.

The form asks whether residents have tried to order Verizon service but have been told by the company that service is not yet available in their neighborhood.  It can be filled out online here:

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