Mayor Nutter has issued a statement saying the city has raised nearly $430,000 to keep 46 of 73 pools open this summer. The pools open at different times, beginning June 23.

Below is a list of the pools to open. Further below is a list of the donors who helped keep them open.


Tuesday, June 23rd

Fox Chase, 7901 Ridgeway Street
Feltonville,Ella & Wyoming
Awbury, Ardleigh & Haines
Athletic, 26th & Master
Cohocksink, Cedar & Cambria
Lee, 4400 Haverford Ave
Vare, 26th & Morris
Kelly,  4231 N. Concourse
Wednesday, June 24th
Jardel, Cottman & Pennway,
Hunting Park, 1101 West Hunting Park Avenue
Francisville, Francis & Shirley
James Finnegan, 69th & Grovers
Thursday, June 25th
Max Myers, 1601 Hellerman Street
Vogt, Cottage & Unruh
Ziehler, B & Olney
Hillside, Fountain & Fowler
Cruz, 6th & Master
Christy, 56th & Christian
Friday, June 26th
Mitchell,  Morell & Crown
Bridesburg, Richmond & Ash
Cherashore, 10th & Chew
Mander, 33rd & Diamond
Marian Anderson, 17th & Fitzwater
Cobbs Creek, Spruce & Cobbs Creek Parkway
Murphy, 4th & Shunk
Houseman, Summerdale & Godfrey
Tuesday, June 30th
Belfield, 21st & Chew
Kendrick, Ridge & Pensdale
Gathers, 25th & Diamond
McVeigh, D & Ontario
Ford, 609 Snyder Ave
Shepard, 5700 Haverford Ave
Wednesday, July 1st
Samuel, Gaul & Tioga
Morris Estate, 16th & Chelten,
Cecil B. Moore, 2020-50 W. Lehigh Ave
Waterloo, Waterloo & Cumberland,
Ridgeway, 12th and Carpenter
Thursday, July 2nd
Lackman, Chesworth & Bartlett
American Legion, Torresdale & Devereaux,
Penrose, 12th & Susquehanna
Tustin, 60th & Columbia
Francis J. Myers, 58th & Kingsessing
Friday, July 3rd
Piccoli, Castor & Cayuga.
Pleasant, 6750 Boyer Street
East Poplar, 800-842 N. 8th Street
Kingsessing, 50th & Chester
Breakdown of Contributions:
Philadelphia Parking Authority $110,000*
Shire Pharmaceutical  $100,000**
Keystone Mercy $60,000
Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company $60,000
Ameri-Choice  $60,000
TD Bank  $50,000
Pepsi  $25,000
Caplin Family Charities  $25,000
Tom Knox   $25,000
Tasty Kake  $25,000
Sid Booker  $20,000
Brown’s  Super Stores $10,000
United Concordia   $10,000
Charlie Kahn  $6,500
WaWa  $5,000
Villa   $5,000        
Acme  $1,000
Contributions collected by the United Way  $23,641        
      ** Denotes contribution spread over 3 year period.

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