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Magazine chooses Philadelphia for an Under-30 Summit

The October conference, including music and food festivals, aims for "the young disruptors who will run America for the next 50 years."

Forbes magazine has picked Philadelphia to host a four-day "Under 30 Summit" in October, described as "an exclusive platform for idea sharing, collaboration and innovation for the young disruptors who will run America for the next 50 years."

The event is to run from October 19 through 22 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and feature panels, pitch contests, an Under 30 Music Festival for leading bands and an Under 30 Food Festival featuring young American chefs.

"Each of these remarkable achievers has been hand-chosen and vetted," said Forbes editor Randall Lane. "Our goal is to inspire them and let them figure out how they can work together to change the world. Philadelphia, with its history, entrepreneurial culture and young population, is the perfect location to accomplish this."

He described the conference as an outgrowth of the magazine's annual "30 Under 30" lists.  For the past three years, Forbes has identified 30 young achievers in 15 different fields, providing a pool of 1,350 people who will be invited to participate in the summit, Lane told reporters.

Organizers intend to reach out to the region's universities and other institutions to arrange some public events tied to the conference, including the food and music festivals, but the main goal is for the participants to meet privately and share ideas with each other, Lane told reporters.

Mayor Nutter said the conference idea grew from a conversation between Lane and City Representative Desiree Peterkin Bell. Financing and event details are still to be worked out.

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