The City of Philadelphia received official confirmation this week that it will be getting $43 million from the federal government to cover security costs during the Democratic National Convention.

The money will go towards personnel and overtime costs as well as a variety of supplies ranging from public safety radios to motorcycle helmets and extension cords. The city also plans to spend half-million dollars on private security to help local law enforcement.

"These funds will help us make sure we pull off a successful convention," Brian Abernathy, first deputy managing director, said. The convention will be held July 25- 28 at the Wells Fargo Center with parties and related events all throughout town.

Any operational costs that are not security-related such as providing extra trash pick-ups will be picked up by the taxpayers, Abernathy said. He doesn't expect that the city's tab will be too much. Although, he does not yet have an estimated city cost.

Some of the equipment will be purchased through bidding procedures. Others might be purchased through existing city contracts.

"We're working with procurement to see what needs to be bid on," Abernathy said.

The Department of Justice was expected to provide up to $50 million in a security grant for the DNC as well as another $50 million for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In its grant application, Philadelphia had to list out in detail how the money would be spent.

"Only direct security/public safety activities are eligible," city spokesman Mike Dunn wrote in an email. "Buying things unnecessarily could put us in a precarious position down the road."

The following is a summary breakdown of how the city plans to spend the $43 million.

- Staff writers Tricia L. Nadolny and Julia Terruso contributed to this post.

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