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Shred this!

State senator endorses document shredding -- a new constituent service.

With public mistrust of elected officials near record highs, you'd think most politicians would be wary of associating their names with document shredding.   Not state Sen. Mike Stack, who's invited residents of his Northeast Philadelphia district to visit his office at the Parkwood Shopping Center Saturday morning, for free shredding of up to three boxes of personal documents.

"We understand the jaded skepticism," said Mark Shade, a spokesman for the senator, "but this is a great service, " offered in recent years by a number of elected officials throughout the state. Shade said it could be helpful even for people who have shredders of their own, but not the industrial-size device to be provided by Titan Shredding Co., at the expense of  Polonia Bank.  Shredding operations will run from 9 noon at 12361 Academy Road.

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