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So, this politican walks into a monkey house...

Former controller Jonathan Saidel raises $80k at Zoo fundraiser for his lieutentant-governor bid.

If Jonathan Saidel succeeds in his return to the world of politics, the audience for PCN's televised coverage of Pennsylvania Senate floor sessions should swell.

"I have to lift this up, Frank," Saidel said, adjusting the microphone after the diminutive DiCicco. "It's very sad – such a big man in such a little body." He went on to praise the crowd for its diversity, joking that the large contingent of Irish Americans was only there for the beer.

But seriously, folks…Saidel said he misses public service. He told a story from his last days as controller, helping an elderly woman reduce her gas bill by straightening out a billing error. "She kissed my hand and said 'Thank you,'" Saidel said. "All the money in the world is not equivalent to that thank you."

Saidel was controller for 16 years, but did not seek reelection in 2005 because he was preparing to run for mayor. In the end he stood aside for U.S. Rep. Bob Brady (D.,Pa.) in the 2007 primary.

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