Mandatory paid sick leave should come to Philadelphia, a task force formed to study the issue recommended in a report released to Mayor Nutter Monday morning.

Nutter has twice vetoed the measure but threw his support behind it in June, announcing the Task Force along with City Councilman Bill Greenlee who has long advocated for the issue.

The report, to be detailed in a 10 a.m. press conference, recommends employers with 15 or more employees be required to provide paid sick leave and those with fewer provide unpaid, earned sick time.

Exemptions would include federal and state employees, employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement, temporary workers, seasonal workers, interns, adjunct faculty and independent contractors.

A bill to bring paid sick leave to Philadelphia, which was sponsored by Greenlee, initially passed 11-6 in April 2013. Once Nutter vetoed it, Greenlee did not have the 12 votes to override the mayor's decision.

Nutter vetoed a similar bill in 2011, saying he did not believe Philadelphia should pass a paid-sick-leave law when other municipalities in the region do not have one.

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