The former City Councilman who was often critical of the Nutter administration during his time on council stood side by side the Mayor Thursday praising his work.

The unlikely duo — recent Democratic mayoral primary winner James F. Kenney and Nutter — held a news conference outside the mayor's office in City Hall following their closed-door meeting.

"I want to welcome my friend back, back to the mayor's office," Nutter said.

The two-term mayor said he and Kenney spoke about the eventual transition and things the Nutter administration didn't get to finish. With a nearly 7-1 ratio of registered Democrats versus Republicans in the city, it is more than likely that Kenney will be Philadelphia's next mayor.

As recent as January, Kenney was criticizing Nutter — blaming him for "the secrecy in which the administration conducted their deliberations" for the eventual-failed attempt to sell PGW.

But as he stood next to Nutter Thursday, Kenney only praised him.

"I thank the mayor for all the work he has done as mayor," Kenney said, listing down some of Nutter's accomplishments, such as getting the city through the Great Recession and starting "a new era of ethics and transparency."

When asked about his change of heart on the Nutter administration, Kenney said: "I'm not in any mind right not to criticize the mayor who has just endorsed me."

Nutter and Kenney both agreed that in general, council members and the mayor often clash and disagree on things.

"It comes with the territory," Kenney said.

And then Kenney spoke of his transformation to being a more diplomatic politician.

"What I've learned through this campaign is that discipline prevails... the more disciplined you are as a mayor, the more successful you are going to be."

Words from the man who just six months ago was calling New Jersey Gov. Christie a "fat ass" over Twitter.

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