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Two key city unions line up in favor of tax hikes

Two city unions have endorsed increased taxes as a way to fill the city's $150 million budget deficit. Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby sent a letter to City Council "respectfully but urgently asking you to do whatever is necessary up to and including the imposition of new revenue sources in order to maintain the level of service and protection provided by Philadelphia's Police."

District Council 33, which represents blue-collar workers, also sent a letter to Council recognizing that "the city needs new revenue sources to continue to deliver the vital city services that our members provide which most of the citizens of the city have made clear they support."

District Council 33, however, also urged council to consider options that would be "more fair and progressive," than Mayor Nutter's proposed trash-collection fee and tax on sugared beverages. The union said it instead would favor an increased property tax because they can be deducted from federal taxes.

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