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Will mandatory sick pay in New York pressure Nutter to do same here?

New York is about to approve mandatory sick pay for workers. On April 4, Mayor Nutter will decide whether to do the same in Philadelphia.

Now that New York is on the verge of approving mandatory paid sick leave for workers, what will happen in Philadelphia?

For the second time, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill requiring companies to pay workers when they are sick. The first time, Michael Nutter vetoed it, and the bill's sponsor, Councilman Bill Greenlee, could not gin up enough votes for an override.

In its most recent testimony on the bill, Nutter administration officials maintained their position that while they support paying workers when they are ill, they think it's unwise for Philadelphia to pass such legislation in isolation when surrounding suburbs do not require it.

Nutter is expected to make a decision on the current bill April 4. Stay tuned.

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