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Eagles should ask about Brandon Marshall

Why the Denver receiver would make sense for the Eagles.

Last week, Andy Reid and Joe Banner walked a few Daily News reporters through the process they used in obtaining left tackle Jason Peters from Buffalo. They talked about seeing reports of Peters being disgruntled, checking to make sure their evaluation of Peters as a player was as good as they thought it was, and then making a phone call to the Bills. The way Banner told it, the Bills quickly rejected the idea of trading Peters. But Banner then asked if he could receive a phone call from the Bills if they changed their mind. The Bills agreed, saying that the Eagles were the first to express interest -- and, months later, they did call.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that you have to hope the Eagles have already called the Denver Broncos and asked about wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

You know, 6-foot-4 Brandon Marshall.

You know, 230-pound Brandon Marshall.

You know, big red-zone target/Pro Bowl player Brandon Marshall.

His is the perfect stylistic complement to what they have. Of course, that doesn't mean the Broncos are trading him. Every indication, in fact, is that they aren't trading him, even though there are reports all over that Marshall is unhappy with his contract and with other unspecified problems with the team following hip surgery that will keep him on the shelf until training camp.

Think about it: after Jay Cutler whined his way out of town, it is hard to believe that the Broncos would agree to another whine-induced deal. The precedent would quickly become untenable. So they aren't likely trading him -- not now, anyway.

But there is always the off-season.

The Eagles are not dying for a receiver right now -- they really aren't. But you never know how things are going to play out -- who is going to develop and who isn't; who is going to get hurt and who isn't. And if there is any kind of a chance that this guy could shake loose, well, don't you want to get in line?

Joe, make the call now -- because you never know.