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Manuel really doesn't want you to boo

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said he was kidding.

Charlie Manuel says he doesn't want you to boo his team.

He says he was kidding.

He said, "I definitely didn't mean it." He was referring to something he said to reporters before Tuesday night's game. They were asking him why the team wasn't playing well at home and, at one point, he said, "Maybe (the fans) should get on us a little."

Now, after hearing the reaction to his comment, Manuel says he was "just being kind of off-the-wall, kind of. Maybe I was trying to be funny."

Apparently it wasn't, though. And after Wednesday night's loss, he was asked about losing at home and took an opportunity to take another swing at the topic.

"I was just throwing something out there, that maybe you wanted to laugh or that you thought was funny or whatever," Manuel said. "I won't do it anymore...I'll just answer yes and no. But believe me, I didn't mean (anything) about the fans...I love the fans. The fans shouldn't have to motivate our team."