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Pacman? Favre? Really?

Comings and goings and whatnot involving Pacman Jones and Brett Favre.

The Cowboys are thinking about re-acquiring Pacman Jones.

The Brett Favre-to-Minnesota talk has been revived.


First, Pacman. The story comes courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. You will remember that the Cowboys ditched Jones after a dustup involving his own security guard in a hotel, followed by a six-game NFL suspension and some mandated alcohol rehab.

And now Jerry Jones, the Cowboys' owner -- while admitting it is a long-shot -- says he is considering bringing Pacman back. Reached after a George Strait concert that opened the Cowboys' new stadium, he asked the reporter, "Would you beat me up too bad if I brought back Adam?"

Beautiful -- especially when you remember that, uh, Pacman's game isn't nearly as good as his nickname.

Then, Favre. It is not his fault that ESPN makes him the lead story every time he passes gas, but Favre cannot stay out of the news and his comeback seems to be alive, still.  ESPN is reporting that Favre quietly has surgery recently to fix his balky shoulder, and the reason is that he is still hoping to play this season for the Minnesota Vikings.

Competitive desire plus vengeance appears to be the most powerful of cocktails for Favre, who clearly wants to get back at the Green Bay Packers for having the nerve to recognize that Favre was of an age and in a physical state that would always mean he would break your heart in the end.

Whatever. It is June and we still have NFL headlines.