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Reid and Childress gone fishing

The two coaches head to Alaska.

In the Twin Cities, they are on all-Favre, all-the-time duty. As rumors continue to swirl, there is the belief that if something is going to be announced, it won't be this week -- because Vikings coach Brad Childress and Eagles coach Andy Reid have headed to Alaska for a week-long fishing trip.

The two have been close forever, since before Childress was Reid's offensive coordinator with the Eagles. They've been close, their families have been close, they have gotten together in the off-season before. But it's funny. Say you're an accountant. Do you really, really want to spend a week of vacation with another accountant? But these guys do it.

It is such a different world, being a professional football coach. The hours, the pressures -- when you talk to them about it, they all say the same thing. That is, that nobody else really understands what they go through except for people who have gone through it. So they find comfort in each others' miseries, or something.

These two guys are good enough friends that they have other things to talk about than football, like their families. Still, it is hard to believe that football -- old stories, funny stories and current predicaments -- won't be a part of the conversational menu. So they travel four or five time zones away to have the same conversations that they have every week during the season on the telephone.

The point being, NFL coaches never seem to get away sometimes, even when they travel to Alaska.

And they would tell you that you have to be a football coach to understand.