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T.O.'s house-hunting blues

Terrell Owens searches for a new driveway.

Terrell Owens is shocked -- shocked! -- as he searches for a home to rent in the Buffalo area.

Apparently, he went and saw a place in Orchard Park, the community where the Bills' stadium is located. And he cannot believe that the people did not want to rent to him because of, well, here is what T.O. twittered about the situation on Tuesday:

sittin here trippin about residents @ 1 DEER RUN wn't rent 2 me b/c they said they dn't want any drama n their neighborhood!! LOL!!! Wow!!

I'm with T.O. here. I mean, I'm trippin, too.

Drama? To what could these people possibly be referring?

(PS: It's a six-bedroom, 4,000-square foot house. But the pictures on the website don't really show if the driveway is truly fit for sit-ups.)