David Alexander Jenkins was raised in Horsham, PA where he spent his time horse riding and studying music, literature, language and philosophy. He later went on to study marketing with a concentration in fashion design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He's currently the director of marketing at Jacqui Daniels Designs.

He fills his free time by continuing the long legacy of his predecessors by championing human rights and raising awareness about LGBT equality, Childhood Autoinflammatory Disease (stopCAIDnow), fair trade, an end to the widespread of AIDS and the plight of homelessness in Philadelphia.

In 2013 David served the city as its first Mr. Queer and publishes frequently in Philadelphia's online LGBT publication. David is also a patron of the arts supporting the Opera Company of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Pops, and The Philadelphia Orchestra. He has been a resident of Center City since 2005 adding to the "Philadelphia Style skyline" with a parade of fashion, floral and interior genius.

Fun fact: apparently, Audrey Hepburn used to stay in this exact apartment for months at a time when she visited Philadelphia.

Now that we all have been introduced, we'll have David walk you through his Rittenhouse Square home.


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