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Fast Company disses Philly's new logo

It's the one with the new "Life. Liberty. And You" slogan. And, um, a bell.

In a snark-filled "design" item on Fast Company, Cliff Kuang unloads on the new City of Philadelphia logo.  It's the one with the new "Life. Liberty. And You" slogan.

Really, how can you generate so much negativity for a tourism slogan that uses the same punctuation as "Worst. Episode. Ever"?

But Kuang, in "Design Crimes: Philadelphia's Awful New Logo" goes so far as to characterize the unveiling of this logo as though it were an actual crime. "A 65-person committee and a design firm working pro-bono put their heads together--and commit a crime against all designers working today." Come on now, that's too far! -- Isn't it?

Come to think of it, it is kind of silly looking. What exactly is the idea with that red nipple-like clapper? And what is it saying about us that the bell seems to be ringing, even though that bell won't ring? Hmmm. What's your take? Let us know in comments and in our Hot Button poll.