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More Poetry

Poets continue to be inspired by the city.

Here's a poem by

Diane  Sahms-Guarnieri

Poet by night; Procurement Analyst (Contractor), Department of Navy by day (It's a living.)

Faces of the Moon over Philadelphia

Purple sky darkens

Schuylkill River's rippling skin

near Boathouse Row displacing

day's dip and pull of oars

moon's wavering vision

Streetlights' reflections

covering burial of dust

bone, cobblestone

generation upon generation

moon's revolutions

Pinnacles without souls

illuminate pearl-lit windows

filled with luxurious leisure

antique winds' broken whispers

circle from lips of  ancient stars

one-eyed moon pirate of night

At Penn's Landing

ships string ivory lights

through sails of hair

Delaware River rushes

to kiss the bay

as silent fish sleep

to a madman's mutilated singing

his life's song ink drippings

from Ben Franklin's bridge where

night's frozen air is black

moon remembers his drowned secrets

Cold horses pull carriages

in glittering night

although they know the streets

of Independence

they are far from green pastures

big eyes show no expression

invisible arms of moon

hug their strong necks

City of LOVE and sorrows

Clothespin clamped tightly

as lovers entwine

neon tower swords

slice wind's scarred face

cars run over dreams

hemlock and oak take root

fountains froth foam

yin-yang moon

A double nocturne turns

in an Academy, theatres

Art Museum's Greek Temples

sing of arts

bonfires spark golden stars

ivory tambourine moon refrains

pulses in our veins