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Helicopter Parents Part II

Tough-talking Gov. Chris Christie takes the state's brand new $12.5 million helicopter for a ride to his son's game. But the real story is the ride to the Princeton dinner afterward.

So the Twitterati and my Inquirer colleague Matt Katz, knower of all things Chris Christie, are abuzz over the tough-talking governor taking the new $12.5 million state helicopter to fly from Trention to his son's afternoon game in Montvale Tuesday afternoon.

But the real story is that Christie and his wife used the copter to fly south to Princeton to meet with seven GOP fundraisers from -- wait for it -- Iowa, first of all caucuses in 2012.

For those of you interested in the menu, chicken, rib-eye and sweet corn were served.

OK, so what's the more egregious act committed by a fiscal conservative who wants to dig New Jersey out of its financial crisis:

1) Using the state helicopter to see your son play ball in the midst of a busy day running the state? (His son's team won, by the way.)

2) Using the state helicopter to meet with Republican fat cats from another state to potentially launch the presidential bid you keep saying you're not interested in pursuing? For the record, Christie told the Iowans that he wouldn't run but he would visit Iowa this summer for an education summit. No word on whether he presented them with the tab for the helicopter ride.


--Karen Heller