In today's  column, I wrote about the employment trials of Santa A. Claus, who along with his wife, Mrs. Claus, were holiday mainstays for 19 years at the Concord Mall in Wilmington until they got the economic boot this season.

According to Santa, the mall made a deal with a photography company that came with its own Santa, leaving Santa A. and the missus scrambling to come up with an alternative mall to spread their good cheer.

Now the Clauses are collecting Christmas wishes at the Jersey Gardens Mall off exit 13A of the New Jersey turnpike and the Concord Mall Santa faithful have vowed to make the trek there to take their Christmas photos.

After all, for families like Toni Trainor's, it's a tradition.

That's Trainor's photo of Santa and Mrs. Claus with one of their reindeer. Joiner's family has known the Clauses since their first years at the Concord Mall and became good friends with them.

Why, the Clauses even came to Trainor's sister's wedding. He wore red, of course.