Ok, quiz time, TV landers.

Remember "The Helen Reddy Show?"

"3 Girls 3?"

Even if you were glued to the tube in the summer of 1971 you might not remember the "Ken Berry WOW Show." It ran four weeks, then went dark. The young Cheryl Ladd couldn't save it. Neither could regular trouper Steve Martin. I mention it because no one else does.

And because I'm going to be a summer replacement, myself. Starting Sunday. Thanks to Monica Yant's fabulous fertility (she had a son this week!) my column moves from Mondays and Thursdays to Sundays and Wednesdays.

But not this Wednesday. I'm off to Kalamazoo. Read all about it on Sunday in a piece about the quiet man in a family that could talk a brisket off the bone. Happy Father's Day, dad.

My run is pencilled in at 15 weeks. Then Annette John-Hall takes Sundays and Wednesdays. And I slink back to my regularly scheduled days. Meanwhile, we welcome Karen Heller to the B front, and appreciate her start in the prison system.